Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Scouting for a new place for my very restless transient soul, I went to Seattle to:

feel winter, frost, rain and cold, in a great way.
Space needle

Meet a new and gorgeous budding human in my life while rekindling a once again very tender friendship.
Eero (aka coconut monkey) y la Natalie

Eating ramen, like ramen that takes 4 days to make kind of ramen experience. Just crazy amazing.
Tsukushinbo in Downtown Seattle. They only make 35 bowls a day. The broth takes 4 days to make.

Finding the best specialty, quirky spots like:
Pates, beautiful cuts of meat, sausage, even pork skins for your pups. Gorgeously designed in every way.

Leaving a little calmer, a bit more focused, yet still, carrying the heavy sense of perpetual transience.
Seattle was wonderful regardless.

Back to LA.

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