Monday, October 22, 2012

Maja Ruznic: Raw Woman on the Rise

I can't help but admire humans who make an art of telling their life stories and how those stories have made them who they are. It is a deeply brave thing.
I have to share this short on someone who I deeply admire.
Maja Ruznic is a San Francisco Bay Area Artist. I won't list her credentials, that's what the internet is for. (She doesn't have a wikipedia page, yet, but it is only a matter of time)
Maja's work has taken off in the last couple of years since she was featured on the cover of American Painters.  
Adoro a esta mujer! I love the sincerity and fragility in the images she creates. She's a pretty amazing human and a tenacious artist. 
She is what I'd like to call, A Raw Woman on the Rise.
Dale con dale mija!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


How did I not know about this guy sooner??? HOW! So fucking right on.
dale con dale Eddie.


I was sincerely wishing I was in Miami again last week. A series of lectures were held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami and co-organized by their Education Outreach Coordinator Jillian Hernandez, a PH.D. candidate in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. 
One of the panel speakers was Dr.Myra Mendible, a scholar who's work I greatly admire - I am pretty much obsessed with reading anything she publishes. She has the ability to meld her experience as a Cuban/American woman while clearing breaking down contemporary culture and trends in relation to the female body and latin identity (I'm modestly summarizing and not even getting close to doing her work justice).
I was totally bummed to not have been there for the lectures but, I reached out to both Dr. Myra and Jill to express my gratitud for the work they are doing, and received warm responses. It is work and research such as theirs that gets me further pumped enough to have the cojones to do the work I do, scary as it always is to pull from your intimate experiences, and expose them for all to see. 
Tambien, if you are interested in reading about the big booty trend.......I suggest this


Photo by Tomo Saito of Dojo 

Me presento

Hello y hola. 
Although I am quite late in the blogging trend, this chronicle is a long time coming. The delay can be soley due to indecision. I knew I wanted to create a blog but could not for the life of me decide what exactly it would be about. Art? Latinos in the media? Food? Promoting responsible consumerism? Random phenomena? All of which I have quite a bit of experience in fishing about in the interwebs and in my everyday.
Finalmente, I said, fuck it, blog will be about everything and anything. It will be bilingual. It will be my third space. And yours if you so desire it to be.
Enjoy. Fight back. Contribute. Dale con dale.